Guide to Pitching Tech Startups

Treat your brilliant ideas right by mastering your pitch presentation.

Entrepreneurs face big challenges when pitching their startup ideas–namely preparation, communication, and differentiation.

For a pitch to engage audience attention and deliver a message, it has to hook listeners and convey real meaning. This is especially true in the tech sector which handles complex topics like the Internet-of-Things, Big Data, and Machine Learning.


Avoiding pitching pitfalls and expressing your ideas clearly will allow you to better capture attention and take your project to the next level.

Take your startup to the next level!

At Next Big Thing, we've distilled our extensive experience of hearing and training founders’ pitches into actionable steps. We’re delivering that to you in this Guide after which you’ll be primed to impress audiences with your pitch by:

  • Communicating your ideas in a relatable way
  • Conveying the value behind your ideas
  • Being prepared to answer tough investor questions
  • Knowing how to grow and nurture your network.

Download our Guide which walks you through the process of crafting your pitch to your audience while offering you trusted tips, reflective questions, and best practices for design and communication.

We’ve seen what works, you can now benefit from our experience.