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Market Aim

Evertrace brings transparency, agility and accountability to complex supply chains. Cargo owners currently bear the financial responsibility for cold chain inefficiencies. These include unacceptable transportation conditions, unpredictable delays, risks of counterfeiting and theft, insurance coverage, lack of transparency, and high supply chain financing costs. We apply the latest IoT, Blockchain and AI technologies to enable an entirely new kind of supply chain ecosystem – where goods circulate with increased efficiency, visibility and security for all the stakeholders involved: freight forwarders, carriers, insurance companies, and customs brokers.


venture : EVERTRACE

Technological Solution

The evertrace solution delivers nearly real-time cargo status updates, automates complex processes via smart contracts, reduces operational inefficiencies through notifications and alarms, and enables shared documentation between relevant stakeholders. Evertrace’s core competencies stem from development of reliable and secure IoT tracking devices, IoT and blockchain infrastructure, data analytics engines, and process automation. The platform seamlessly allows creation of value services with partners, e.g. integrated insurance, supply chain financing, data marketplace, provenance and smart infrastructure integration.



Darina Onoprienko

Darina leads the development of evertrace, the IoT & Blockchain supply chain venture at Next Big Thing AG. With over 5-years professional experience in international supply chain management and logistics, she is involved on both the operational and strategic level. Darina has been responsible for innovation processes at NBT with specific focus on identifying IoT and blockchain use cases and validating those together with experts and industry partners. She greets problem complexity head-on and believes cargo-related data should be available to cargo owners, who currently only have access via intermediaries.



Gautier is an experienced technology manager and founder. In the course of his 20-year career, he worked as a developer, architect and manager of scalable business platforms and digital products, especially in the mobile services industry, both B2B and B2C. He also co-founded a startup where he led product strategy for a machine-learning based discovery platform and managed customer projects in mobile commerce, healthcare, and fintech. He is an IoT and blockchain enthusiast, a continuous learner, and a musician.